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The head of the Governments child abuse inquiry is facing mounting pressure to resign this morning after victims groups said child porn children no-one backed her appointment ahead of a crunch Home Office meeting.Fiona Woolf was already facing calls to quit because of mature sex porno hard her personal relationship to the Tory peer Leon Brittan, who is at the centre of allegations of an Establishment cover-up children porn video of sex abuse claims in the 1980s.But it emerged last night that she re-wrote a letter to the Home Secretary child porno seven times in order to play down her links to Lord Brittan.
Fiona Woolf re-wrote a letter to the Home Secretary seven times to play down links to Leon Brittan and is now facing mounting pressure to step downWith help from the Home Office, she made more than half a dozen alterations to the document to remove language that alluded to her closeness to the Conservative grandee.The different versions of the letter emerged yesterday two days after a Labour MP used parliamentary privilege to link Lord Brittan to improper conduct with children.Victims described the latest revelations as extraordinary and renewed their calls on City lawyer Mrs Woolf to step down. Representatives of alleged child abuse victims will meet officials from the inquiry for the first time today and are expected to call for Mrs Woolfs resignation. Mrs Woolf is not expected to attend.The chief executive of the National Association for People Abused in Childhood, Pete Saunders, who will also attend todays meeting, said Mrs Woolf had to go and claimed victims were united against her.
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He told the BBCs Today programme: Nobody is having a pop at Fiona Woolf as a person – Im sure shes a person of high integrity – but she has no qualification whatsoever to lead an inquiry into such a deeply, deeply disturbing issue as child abuse. She has no qualifications to do that, she has no experience.Survivors of abuse have been waiting for a long time for something like this to come along. Ive yet to meet anybody from the survivor organisations or individual survivors who have any faith in Fiona Woolfs chairship, or indeed many of the people on the panel.Her link with Leon Brittan is unquestioned and for that reason alone she should stand down.Former director of public prosecutions Lord Macdonald added that Mrs Woolf needs to have a serious conversation with the Home Secretary about her position.The head of ChildLine, Sue Minto, refused four times to give Mrs Woolf her personal backing in an interview in which she said it was important to listen to the views of victims.
Home Affairs Select Committee chairman Keith Vaz said his committee could recall Mrs Woolf to give evidence
Fiona Woolf plays down her relationship with Lord Brittan
Former home secretary Leon Brittan strenuously denies accusations that he is at the centre of a cover-up over historic sex abuse claims.It is alleged that, while in charge of the Home Office, he ignored a document – which later went missing – that described a paedophile ring involving high-profile figures.Mrs Woolf, who was appointed last month to lead the investigation, wrote a letter to current Home Secretary Mrs May to list her possible conflicts of interests.She lists five dinner parties among the contacts she has had with Lord Brittan and his wife, who live on the same street as her.As well as inviting the Brittans to dinner at her house three times, Mrs Woolf dined at theirs twice, met Lady Brittan for coffee, sat on a prize-giving panel with her, and sponsored her £50 for a fun run.Yesterday the home affairs select committee published the seven drafts that showed the letter was repeatedly amended. Committee chairman Keith Vaz MP said the re-writes gave a sense of detachment between Lord and Lady Brittan and Mrs Woolf.Saying the letter raises more questions than it answers, he said facts as well as words were altered.It is extraordinary that Mrs Woolf did not even write the first draft of her letter, which was supposed to detail her own personal experiences.The letter then underwent seven drafts with a multiplicity of editors. The final version gave a sense of greater detachment between Lord and Lady Brittan and Mrs Woolf than her previous attempts.Early versions of the letter detailing the dinner parties include language such as I returned the compliment and we engaged in another exchange of dinner parties. But this was deleted in the final version.In one of the first drafts, she wrote: I live on the same street as the Brittans (sic). But it was changed to I have had a house in London as the same street as the Brittans. 
Mrs Woolf hosted a drinks reception for City dignitaries, including Lord Brittan, above right, where they were introduced to French premier Francois Fillon, above left, in 2011
Mrs Woolf (left) pictured with Lady Brittan (right), Lord Brittans wife, at a party last yearLabour MP Mr Vaz said the committee would decide next week if Mrs Woolf should be recalled to give further evidence. He said lessons had not been learned since the appointment of the previous head of the inquiry, Baroness Butler-Sloss.She was forced to resign after it emerged her brother, Michael Havers, may have had to make legal decisions about abuse allegations in his role as attorney general in the 1980s.In the letter, Mrs Woolf – who is the Lord Mayor of London – stated that she had no social contact with Lord and Lady Brittan since April 23 last year.But a photo emerged of her chatting to Lady Brittan at a prize-giving last October.  
Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk has called for Mrs Woolf to step down as chair of the sex abuse inquiryYesterday she said she did not recall any substantial interaction with Lady Brittan at the event. Alison Millar, a solicitor representing around 50 alleged abuse victims, repeated her call for Mrs Woolf to be replaced.She said: This response by Mrs Woolf will only cement in the minds of my clients that she is not the right person to head this inquiry.MP Jim Hood used parliamentary privilege in the Commons on Tuesday to say there were reports about child abuse being linked with Lord Birttan, now 75.A Home Office spokesman last night said: We remain confident Fiona Woolf and the panel members can carry out their duties to the highest standards of impartiality and integrity.   

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Rosetta had fat taken from her legs and put into her hands to rejuvenate themLooking down at the exquisite diamond adult porn video twinkling on her finger, Rosetta Cittons heart sank. The 59-year-old jewellery designer had slipped on the eternity ring to show one of her customers, but felt distraught at the stark contrast between the glittering stone and her ageing hands.That was the moment I knew I had to do something, says the married mother-of-three from London.My hands looked gaunt and gnarled. My tendons were raised and the skin was as shrivelled as tissue paper. I had to find a way to change them – for my business as well as myself.But rather than opt for hand creams or fillers, Rosetta chose to have a cutting-edge procedure that sounds as if its straight from the pages of a sci-fi novel: a fat graft, where fat was sucked from her thighs and injected into her hands to plump them up.Billed as a natural and long-lasting alternative to implants and fillers, these fat grafts – also used to plump up sagging boobs, or a bottom that has lost its perkiness – have become big business since being pioneered in the U.S. In the past year, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has reported a 15 per cent increase in the number of treatments.The two-in-one procedure, which costs from £1,500 to £15,000, involves removing anything from 20ml to 200ml (a third of a pint) of fat from most commonly the inner thigh or stomach, slimming the area slightly in the process. Its then injected into somewhere lacking in volume, such as the breasts, buttocks, eye area or hands.The treatment requires only local anaesthetic and patients are discharged the same day.While a certain amount of the newly-added fat gets reabsorbed by the body, most stays in place, ageing and depleting naturally alongside other body cells. Scarring is kept to a minimal as the skin need only be pierced with a small syringe.Scroll down for video 
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As fat is softer and more fluid than synthetic fillers, the results from fat-grafting look and feel natural and theres no risk of rejection. It stays inits new home unless you lose weight quickly, in which case it behaves exactly like normal fat and gets broken down and absorbed.As a result, effects can last ten years or more compared to fillers which typically need replacing after six to 12 months.
Purified fat cells were injected into the back of Rosettas hands (before, left, and after, right)Rosetta opted for the extraordinary procedure after visiting Harley Streets The Private Clinic, where four years earlier shed had fillers injected into her face.She arrived expecting the same treatment, but aesthetic surgeon Dr Dennis Wolf suggested a £1,850 fat graft might give better results.Dr Wolf has already treated three times as many people this year as last for fat transfers to their hands.Despite the fact she was conscious throughout, Rosetta says she wasnt squeamish: It didnt hurt save for a slight burning sensation as the anaesthetic took hold.First, local anaesthetic was injected into the upper back part of her thighs and her hands.Fat is usually taken from somewhere that the patient has excess fat to lose; on thinner people (Rosetta is a size 8), thats usually the thigh.A small incision was then made in her skin and 20ml of fat – about four teaspoons – was sucked out and deposited into a machine which separates healthy fat cells from ones damaged during extraction.
If the fat is injected into a vein, it can reach your brain and cause a fatal strokeThe purified fat cells were then injected into the back of Rosettas hands. She was in and out within 90 minutes and back at work in four days. Eighteen months later, shes still delighted with the results.My hands still look ten years younger. They have volume, seem healthier and smoother and the wrinkles are reduced. I dont see it as an act of vanity as its natural: youre just taking fat from one place you dont need it and moving it to somewhere you do.Dr Wolf estimates that 40 per cent of fat injected wont survive past the first month. The fat cells can die if they arent near enough to a blood supply to sustain them, so we always over-fill to compensate, he says.This can cause initial swelling which usually settles down within days or weeks depending on how much fat has been transferred.But while at first glance the procedure seems a miracle two-in-one panacea for ageing women, many doctors have serious concerns.Dr Philippe Hamida-Pisal, a dermatology expert based in London and Kent, has strong reservations about injecting hands with fat.There are too many downsides, too much risk of bruising, infection and scarring because its such a thin and sensitive area, he says. The reality is a large amount of inflammation and a recovery time where you arent able to use your hands as you usually would.All patients are given antibiotics to minimise the risk of infection.Other risks – when fat is not injected correctly or precisely – include lumpiness, asymmetry and reabsorption (which happens when a surgeon injects fat too far from a substantial blood supply to enable it to survive). Significant swelling can also last for weeks.When transferred to the breasts, theres talk in some medical circles of a relationship with breast cancer, though theres no evidence for that yet. Injected fat can mimic cancer cells on mammograms, however. It takes an experienced radiologist to spot the difference. Plastic surgeon Bryan Mayou, founder of Cadogan Cosmetics, a clinic that has seen a five-fold increase in fat transfer procedures in the past year, has another cause for concern.Theres a chance, though minute, of the transfer creating a fat embolus, which in turn could cause an embolism. This is when fat is injected into a vein in error. The blood and fat is carried through into the brain, blocks an artery and the person suffers a stroke.Though a negligible risk, it could happen even with an experienced person behind the syringe. Ive heard of it happening before in the UK, where the result has been fatal.But despite the potential side-effects, many are clamouring for the treatment. Sandra Cripps, 53, a shop assistant from Berkshire, had a fat transfer procedure on her face less than a month ago – along with an eyelid and neck lift – and is still healing. Nip and tuck  In 2013 almost 90 per cent of all cosmetic procedures in the UK were carried out on women My face ballooned from my eyebrow to midway down my cheek, she says. By day two my eyes had swelled up so much I couldnt see and I had gooey fluid oozing from them. I booked three weeks off work and sat it out.I didnt mind, though, because the result is incredible. In three weeks from now the swelling from the fat graft will have gone and you wont be able to tell I had anything done.I already look 20 years younger.Fat grafting wasnt something Sandra entered into lightly.A car accident in her 20s left her with scarring across her eyes, nose and forehead. Over the years she lost muscle definition, leaving her self-conscious.I couldnt look in mirrors because my reflection was old and worn out and I had layers of baggy skin above and below my eyes, she says.After watching a TV programme about botched surgery (fat transfer was initially developed to correct cosmetic surgery mistakes), she booked in to see Dr Olivier Amar at Cadogan Cosmetics.Before performing the neck and eyelid lift, Dr Amar made a fine incision into Sandras stomach to take the fat cells that were then purified and injected into her chin, neck and her eyes to contour and reshape her face. He estimates 100ml of fat was transferred – the size of a large perfume bottle.Over ten years I might spend thousands of pounds on face creams that wouldnt have nearly the same effect, says Sandra, who paid a total of £12,000 for all three procedures. The fat graft alone cost £5,000.
Fresh: Sandra Cripps had fat taken from her stomach and injected into her face – and is thrilled with the result
Rejuvenating: Ms Cripps shows off the results of the treatment immediately after completing the procedure
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Youre just taking fat from one place you dont need it and moving it to somewhere you do I look exactly like me, just with fewer lines and sagging skin and with a slightly reduced stomach.The technique is also being used to add volume to breasts that have lost fullness thanks to motherhood or age.Its not as effective as a boob job when it comes to size (because only a limited amount of fat can be added as overfilling causes impaired blood flow). But it can be used to give the breasts a more youthful, uplifted shape.Again, one downside is the cost: breast fat transfer costs £4,200, whereas a surgical breast enlargement using implants starts at £3,500.Kirstie Lewis, 39, a teacher from Huddersfield, went to Dr Garrick Georgeu, from Cadogan Cosmetics, after breastfeeding her two daughters.Before having my girls six and seven years ago, my breasts were a pert 34C, she says. But afterwards, they started to droop horribly. Eventually I couldnt wear a bikini, as nothing was supportive enough. I resorted to sports bras during the day and lost all confidence.  My hands have volume, seem healthier and smoother and the wrinkles are reduced. I dont see it as an act of vanity as its natural It also affected her relationship with her husband Mark, 40, a plumber.I wouldnt let him touch me and demanded the lights were always turned off in the bedroom.My sister had had a bad experience with implants and I wanted my breasts to look and feel as natural as possible. Fat grafting sounded ideal.Last April, Dr Georgeu reshaped Kirsties breasts by injecting both with 50ml of fat cells from her thigh and stomach and doing a small mastopexy (a breast lift).After a general anesthetic, Kirstie woke to find shed swollen from a C to a DD cup. My breasts were huge and rock-hard. Id been told after a few days the swelling would decrease and theyd look and feel more normal.For two days I could barely get out of bed and managed only to hobble to and from the bathroom. My breasts felt tight and my stomach and thighs were sore and uncomfortable.To protect the incisions where fat had been taken, Kirstie was given a Spanx-like compression garment to wear for two weeks that reached from underneath her breasts to her knees. But now shes settled back to a comfortable but pert 34C and couldnt be happier.Theres barely any scarring as the transfer needs only the tiniest of nicks. They are rounded, comfortable and I can wear normal bras and halterneck tops. I was told the results would last at least ten years or more – as long as I dont lose too much weight. My confidence has soared.But despite the glowing reviews, Dr Mayou is keen to stress this technique does pose dangers and is not necessarily for everyone.I regularly turn away those with unrealistic expectations, he says. Its undoubtedly our fastest-growing cosmetic area – but its not something to get done willy-nilly.  

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Eva Mendes channels her inner Fifties housewife in a campaign for her new fall collection for New York & Company.In trans sex video the shoot, the 40-year-old actress, who recently welcomed baby girl Esmeralda Amada with beau Ryan Gosling, poses in a series of feminine floral flocks and pencil skirts while lounging on a bed, perching on a staircase and pretending to prepare escort girl something in the oven.Judging by her slim physique and lack of a baby belly, it appears the photos must have been snapped before or in the very early stages of her pregnancy – or perhaps they were edited to digitally flatten her stomach.Scroll down for video 
Playing the part: New Mom Eva Mende, 40, channels her inner Fifties housewife in a campaign for her new fall collection for New York & Company. Pieces range in price from $49.95 to $89.95
Pre-baby: Judging by her slim physique and lack of a baby belly, it appears the photos must have been snapped before or in the very early stages of her pregnancyIn one photo, the smiling star poses on a bed in a maroon dress with a pink floral design and white polka dots. Another sees her sitting barefoot in a closet with a red jacket draped over her shoulders, high heels and clothes strewn on the floor behind her.
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And in a third, she shows off her long legs while sitting on a staircase in a black lace dress, her brunette hair pulled back with a headband.Pieces in the collection range in price from $49.95 for a blouse to $89.95 for the black lace dress. 
New parents: Eva and her Place Beyond the Pines co-star Ryan Gosling, 33, welcomed baby Esmeralda Amada on September 12
Fashion forward: In the shoot, the actress poses in a series of feminine floral flocks and pencil skirts
Day to night: In one image, she shows off her long legs while sitting on a staircase in a black lace dress ($89.95), her brunette hair pulled back with a headbandRumors first began swirling in July that Eva and her Place Beyond the Pines co-star, 33, were expecting a child together.And on September 12, it was revealed that she gave birth to a healthy baby girl, whom they named Esmeralda Amada.Both Ryan and Eva kept a low profile during her pregnancy and were hardly seen at all.However they are said to be adapting well to parenthood, and Esmeralda is already Daddys little princess.Ryan is thrilled its a little girl, a source told Us Weekly last month, adding that the Drive star hasnt left Evas side since they welcomed her into the world. 
Color coded: Eva poses in a maroon jacquard dress ($69.95)  in a closet
Veteran model: Eva, who is known for her penchant for Fifties-inspired style, designed and modeled her first collection for New York & Company in 2013
Popular pick: She has also been the face and spokesperson for Revlon, Calvin Klein, Magnum, Reebok, Pantene and Thierry Muglers fragrancesMeanwhile, an insider told E!: Ryan is very hands on. Changes diapers, rocks her to sleep—they gave her her first bath together and videotaped the whole thing. Eva, who is known for her penchant for Fifties-inspired style, designed and modeled her first collection for New York & Company in 2013.She has also been the face and spokesperson for Revlon, Calvin Klein, Magnum, Reebok, Pantene and Thierry Muglers fragrances. New York & Company – Womens Wear to Work Clothes & Accessories

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Seagulls are the most loathed birds in the UK and many view them as thugs, according to a new vip eskort studyThey snatch our food from seaside promenades, cover cars in their mess and bully smaller birds.And because of their threatening escort bayan behaviour, seagulls are the most loathed birds in the country, according to a new study.A staggering 95 per cent of the escort country detest seagulls and many view them as the thugs of the bird world.The new research, carried out by Norfolk-based bayan escort clothing company Gone Crabbing, asked 1,200 Brits about the behaviour of birds in the UK.It found seagulls are the most hated, closely followed by pigeons, because they are noisy and messy, and magpies because they are thieves.Ravens, rooks and crows appear next on the list because they remind us of horror films and because they are eerie looking.However, it seems seagulls are appreciated by a small proportion of the country.One in 20 Brits said they love seagulls because of their link to the coast.Susie Mason, managing director at Gone Crabbing, said: Its surprising how hated seagulls are.I was expecting magpies and pigeons to fare far worse.Pheasants were on the most hated list because they cause accidents on the roads and sparrows came in eighth place because they are dull looking.
Giant scary robot monster bird to protect Sydney Opera House from marauding seagulls
Seagull turns carnivore: Rambler captures the incredible moment a bird eats a rabbit it has just…
Surprisingly cuckoos were also included as they were deemed ugly and birds of prey because they kill smaller birds and pets.
Seagull snatches dinner that was supposed to trick a flatmate
The birds are disliked because they dive bomb people, steal food and rifle through bins on collection day
Incredible moment a SEAGULL tries to eat a RABBIT
A 59-year-old woman tried to sue her companys landlord after she was badly injured in a vicious attack by a seagull.Cathie Kelly lost her footing and fell heavily after losing her shoe in the feathered assailants attack.The project officer, who works in Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland was left upset and injured by the bird’s dive-bombing, but was not given compensation.An 18-year-old art student was also injured after an adult gull swooped and pecked her on the head. Shannon Harris tried to help a seagull chick – but was attacked by its mother leaving her with a bloody head wound. 
Angry seagulls swoop to attack woman in street
Ravens were hated because they are eerie looking and remind people of horror films NOISY, MESSY AND EERIE LOOKING: THE MOST HATED BIRDS IN BRITAIN 1) Seagulls (because they snatch our food)2) Pigeons (because they are noisy and messy)3) Magpies (because they are thieves)4) Ravens (because they are eerie looking/remind people of horror films)5) Rooks (because they are eerie looking/remind people of horror films)6) Crows (because they are eerie looking/remind people of horror films)7) Pheasants (because they cause incidents on roads)8) Sparrows (because they are dull looking)9) Cuckoo (because they are ugly)10) Birds of prey (because they kill smaller animals and pets) 
What happens when you feed laxatives to seagulls?!

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Australia beat Pakistan by five wickets to take an unassailable 2-0 lead in the one-day international series.Having won the toss porn and seen openers Ahmed Shehzad and Sarfraz Ahmed put on 126, Pakistan crumbled to 215 all out as Mitchell Johnson escort took three for 40.Australias top three failed to produce big scores but Glenn Maxwell carried them through with 76 and, escort bayan having won the opening match by 93 runs thanks to Steve Smiths century, they appear well set to complete a child porno series clean sweep in Abu Dhabi on Sunday.
Australian players celebrate after the dismissal of Pakistan batsman Mohammad Irfan
Umar Akmal (right) looks on after being dismissed as Australia wrapped up a series win against PakistanPakistan, though, had started well and Shehzad glanced Johnsons leg-side loosener for four as seven came from the first over.James Faulkners first ball brought a loud lbw appeal against Sarfraz but he survived and the batsmens partnership passed 50 in the 12th over.The last ball before drinks saw Sarfraz launch Xavier Doherty for six but Shehzad was first to his half-century, from 63 balls when he hit Lyon for his fifth four to also bring up Pakistans century.He was uncharacteristically dropped by George Bailey at mid-off before Sarfraz followed him to 50, from 60 balls with four fours and a six.It all changed, though, when Shehzad pulled Doherty to mid-wicket to depart for 61 and Johnson returned to have Sarfraz caught at point for 65.
Australia batsman David Warner strikes the ball on the way to scoring 29 runsCaptain Misbah-ul-Haq was run out for 15 and Umar Akmal made just five before becoming Johnsons second victim, again with the first ball of a spell.Asad Shafiq hit Kane Richardson for six and Lyon for four but was then caught off the latter, chipping straight to Johnson for 29.Shahid Afridi and Wahab Riaz contributed only two apiece and debutant Raza Hasan was run out without scoring – as was the lumbering Mohammad Irfan to finish the innings.Hasan nearly had a wicket in each of his first two overs, but replays showed Aaron Finchs edge dropped short of Umar Akmal before a leaping Fawad was unable to cling on to Warners sweep.Finch made 14 before being given out on review after edging Irfan to keeper Sarfraz, who also caught Smith for 12 off Babar to leave Australia 39 for two.
Pakistan batsman Sarfraz Ahmed receives encouragement from Ahmed Shehzad after he scored half a century but it was not enough to prevent Pakistan slumping to 215 all out
Pakistan batsman Misbah Ul Haq hits the ball before being run out for just 15 runs in the one-day internationalWarner fell for 29 when a lusty blow was only prevented from going for six by the presence on the boundary of the 7ft Irfan, who took a good catch.Maxwell had made only two when he edged Hasan to slip and was dropped by Akmal but he and Bailey put on 85 for the fourth wicket to all but make the game safe.Maxwell crashed Afridi for six and his 56-ball half-century also featured six fours, and he added two more off Hasan in the next over.Bailey was run out superbly for 28 by a direct hit from Shehzad but Maxwell reached 76 from 81 balls before being caught off a top edge.Brad Haddin announced himself with a four and a six in succession off Hasan and with seven needed from six overs, James Faulkner finished the job with back-to-back boundaries.
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Andrew Strauss calls for end to mud-slinging MADNESS created by Kevin Pietersens autobiography
Sri Lanka switch date of fourth England ODI to observe religious Poya Day
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Plane circling porno airport passengers

A Thomson Airways plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Munich on Monday. The aircraft, which was heading to Dalaman porno in Turkey from Leeds, carried out the procedure due to a medical emergency on board.Fire engines were waiting for flight porno TOM698 as it touched down in Germany, according to Twitter account AirLive which gives regular updates on plane travel.
Medical emergency: Thomson Airways flight TOM698 was diverted to Munich (file photo)It was earlier reported that the plane had been circling over Germany in an attempt to reduce altitude prior to landing.
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Thomson Airways issued a statement saying unscheduled stop was necessary because of a medical emergency.
Circling: Twitter user @josia_gandozz tweeted an image showing the route the flight took to MunichIt added: Thomson Airways can confirm that flight TOM698 travelling from Leeds Bradford to Dalaman, Turkey, has diverted into Munich airport due to a medical emergency on board.We apologise for any inconvenience caused to customers and will be continuing with the flight as soon as possible.       

Ryanair eskort of passenger said

Passengers on a Flybe plane were delayed for more than two hours while they waited for glue to dry on eskort the aircrafts tail wing.A last-minute repair held up 15 passengers on the Loganair flight from Edinburgh to Stornoway, operated by escort Flybe.The plane was delayed for two hours on the Scottish airports tarmac while a pin-size hole in the planes de-icing escort bayan system was patched up.
Delays: A Flybe plane was delayed for bayan escort two hours while glue on a last-minute repair driedThe hole was found in a piece of tubing on the aircrafts tail wing, which inflates during the flight to break up ice. 
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A passenger on the flight, the Reverend Iver Martin, told the Daily Record: We were told a hole had developed in part of the tail wing and they were pleased to announce they had put a patch on and were waiting for the glue to dry. Is this acceptable in this day and age? The answer is absolutely not.
Repair: An adhesive patch had to be applied to the tail when a pin-size hole was found in the de-icing system
Fed up: Passengers on the flight to Stornoway were held on the tarmac for over two hours at Edinburgh airportA spokesman for Loganair said that the delay was a necessary precaution, with passenger safety the primary concern.During a pre-flight inspection ahead of the 5pm departure of the BE6147 service, a fault was discovered in the aircrafts de-icing system, he said.The pneumatic section of the tail needed an adhesive patch, which required the necessary curing period before the aircraft was cleared for departure at 7:23pm.As a provider of public transport services, passenger safety must always be our primary concern. 

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TV watchdogs are under pressure to launch an inquiry into the rip-off cost of watching live Premier League football on television, which can be more than £600 a year.
The pay TV and broadband company Virgin Media claims the way the Premier League sells the rights to top flight matches means armchair fans in the UK are hit with unfair fees.
The net result is that clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City are sharing in billions of pounds from fans whose passion and loyalty is being abused.
TV watchdogs are under pressure to launch an inquiry into the rip-off cost of watching live Premier League football on television, which can be more than £600 a year
Virgin claims that viewers in the UK are getting a raw deal both on the cost of watching matches and the fact that many games are not broadcast live.
It calculates that the minimum monthly cost of watching live Premier League games on the sports channels of Sky and BT comes in at £51. 
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Terminal love: Virgin Australia starts unique social media campaign to find the owner of an engagement ring left in their lounge almost a MONTH ago 
How to save hundreds on your credit card bill: If youre paying interest with one of the big four banks, youre paying too much
Compare the cheapest broadband deals
That works out at £612 a year, which is more than four times higher than the BBC licence fee of £145.50, which covers all of its many TV and radio channels, including Match of the Day.
The £51 figure is much higher than the £21 month charge football fans in Germany must pay to see top flight teams such as the Bayern Munich and Dortmund in the Bundesliga.
It is also more than double the £25 charged in Italy to watch Serie A, and compares to £18 in Spain to follow Barcelona and Real Madrid and just £10 a month in France.
Access to games in the UK is also far more limited compared to the rest of Europe. Here only 41per cent of Premier League games – 154 out of 380 – are broadcast live in a season. By contrast all games are broadcast live on TV in Spain, Germany, France and Italy.
Research commissioned by Virgin found more than 15per cent of viewers say they could not watch the games they wanted through their TV provider, while 25per cent found that games were not included in their pay TV subscription. 
Arsenals Aaron Ramsey controls the ball during a English Premiere League match against Tottenham Hotspur; Virgin Media claims the way Premier League sells the rights to top flight matches means armchair fans in the UK are hit with unfair fees
Virgin argues that the way the Premier League packages and sells the TV rights to football in this country works to artificially inflate the price.
As a result, the cost of Premier League domestic live TV rights increased by 70per cent to a staggering £3 billion over three years in the last auction. It is predicted to rise by a further 60per cent when they are sold next time.
The high prices charged by the Premier League means teams in the top flight are able pay world stars like Radamel Falcao, Wayne Rooney and Yaya Toure well over £200,000 a week.
It also means there is absolutely no chance of live Premier League games ever returning to free-to-air terrestrial TV channels like the BBC and ITV ever again.
While the sports channel subscriptions are extortionate enough in themselves, BT has been accused of putting up many other charges for all its customers in order to cover the millions of pounds it has paid to the Premier League.
Virgin Media has asked Ofcom to open a formal investigation under the Competition Act 1998 into the arrangements by which the FA Premier League sells live UK television rights to its games.
It claims the current regime causes ‘significant consumer harm’ resulting from escalating rights costs.
The firm’s chief corporate affairs officer, Brigitte Trafford, said: ‘The rapidly rising cost of Premier League live broadcast rights means UK fans pay the highest prices in Europe to watch football on TV. Virgin Media has asked Ofcom to investigate how the rights are sold ahead of the next auction.’
The Premier League insisted the auction process it uses is entirely legal. A spokesman said: ‘Live Premier League audio-visual rights have always been sold in a transparent and open process.
‘Regulators have examined our rights packaging and sales process in considerable detail in the past and found both of them to be compliant with UK and European competition law.
‘If Ofcom chooses to investigate this complaint, we will of course be happy to demonstrate to Ofcom that this is the case.’

Everybody a -year-old bush

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(CNN) — If you cant stand the heat, get out of the kitchen — or so the saying goes.
But in the pressure cooker atmosphere of the White House, where world-changing decisions are made on a daily basis, the kitchen could well be the coolest room in the building.
The chef feeding the most powerful man on the planet uses few words as she kneads, stirs, and whips; her style likened to a baseball coach who calmly relays orders through hand signals.

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I think baseball coach is a great analogy because everybody has their own positions, everybody has their own plays to make, says Chef Cristeta Comerford, in an accent that wavers between her native Philippines, and adopted home of Chicago.
You look at everyones strengths, everyones abilities and knowledge. So hopefully towards the end of your meal you hit a home run because youre basically trying to rally your team to be the best at whatever they do.
While foul-mouthed celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Marco Pierre White have made a name for themselves as the genius enfant terribles of the culinary world — serving up incomparable food with dollops of expletives — Comerford takes a different approach.
I think of the skills you need to be a White House chef, talent is number one, says the woman who admits if she was to have any other job, it would be as a missionary.
But at the same time, temperance and the way you treat your co-workers would be up there as well. At the end of the day, whatever you do and whatever your mission is, its only successful because of your team.

A sneak peek inside the White Houses surprisingly small kitchen.Getty Images

Question Comerford on her famous bosses preferred foods, and her lips are sealed. Perhaps discretion — as well as talent — is part of the secret to her success.
When you work hard as the president, no matter who you are, my job as the White House chef is to make sure that when they get home theyre very comfortable, and theyre happy with the food theyre served, she said.
Its really a matter of knowing each of them individually: Do they like their pizza with thick or thin crusts? What vegetables do they prefer? That kind of thing.
All the presidents chefs

We have beautiful produce growing basically in our backyard, calling our name and saying hey, Im ready to be cooked today
Cristeta Comerford

For almost two decades, Comerford has worked behind the scenes making sure the president, his family, and high-profile guests are so well fed they neednt give it a second thought — they have enough on their plates as it is.
The 51-year-old has served under three presidents — joining the Clinton administration as a sous chef in 1995, before the Bush government appointed her to the top job of executive chef in 2005.
Its a position shes held throughout Barack Obamas two terms, the president heralding a new era of sustainable and seasonal food growing, different from his predecessors.
Before she begins any meal, Comerford now turns to the White Houses South Lawn to assess whats on offer — harvesting fresh vegetables, herbs, and even honey from the hive.
We have beautiful produce growing basically in our backyard, calling our name and saying hey, Im ready to be cooked today, she says, her voice warm with affection for the patch of land, which since it was first sown by Michelle Obama in 2009, has almost doubled in size to 1,500 sq ft.

Youngsters weigh into the South Lawn harvesting with Chef Comerford and the First Lady.Getty Images

In a cooking session with CNN Leading Women presenter Isha Sesay, Comerford found inspiration from Michelles Garden, picking fresh tomatoes, zucchini, and thyme for a summer vegetable crostata (full recipe below).
We do a lot of healthy cooking for the First Family, says the mother of a 13-year-old daughter.
Though in a country where over two thirds of adults are overweight or obese, it seems not everyone is taking her lead.
The seasoned chef doesnt measure her ingredients — After 20 or 30 years in the business, all the recipes just kind of get in there, she says, pointing to her head.

Its only the pastry chefs who measure things. The savory chefs, we just kind of wing it.
Cristeta Comerford

Its only the pastry chefs who measure things. The savory chefs, we just kind of wing it. But it all works out in the end.
Salad girl to White House chef
Feeding the U.S. president is a long way from Comerfords first job working as a salad girl in Chicago hotels — then a 23-year-old newly-arrived to the U.S.
Her older brother Juanito Pasia remembers driving her to-and-from work at the Sheraton hotel near OHare Airport in his blue Ford van, where she would make caesar and cob salads.
Even though you start off as a salad girl, you know I think in every type of work its always good to work your way from the bottom up, says Comerford.
Because you kind of learn from starting out — things like organizational skills, and just basic knife techniques.
She later moved to Washington D.C, working as a chef at two hotels, and doing a sixth-month stint in Vienna, Austria, where she learnt classic French culinary techniques.
Then in 1995, White House chef Walter Scheib recruited Comerford to work under the Clinton administration.

The First Lady holds a lot of sway when it comes to White House meals, with Laura Bush appointing Chef Comerford to the top job.Getty Images

With a change of president came a change of taste, and Scheib was fired by First Lady Laura Bush ten years later, after he failed to satisfy her stylistic requirements.
Around 450 people applied for the top job, which went to Comerford — the first woman and ethnic minority ever to hold the position.
Today, of the top 50 restaurants in the world, only three have a female head chef or owner.
Stately affair
This baseball coach and her team of seven chefs need to keep their eye on the ball.
At the White Houses recent African Leaders Summit, over 400 guests sat down in a lavish outdoor pavilion for a four course meal — thats 1,600 plates of food timed to perfection.
The Pièce de résistance was Halal dry aged beef, raised in Texas, marinated in chermoula — a garlicky herb blend used in Northern Africa — and accompanied by plantain chips.
It was one of the biggest events Comerford has hosted in her 19 years at the White House, and all the food that can be, is prepared two days in advance

Filipino family: Cris is the cutie in the bottom right hand corner.Cristeta Comerford

The menu however, is a delicate document requiring weeks of research into different guests dietary requirements, before it is given to the First Lady for approval.
We still cook American food at its finest — American regional cuisine and American products, said Comerford.
But at the same time we want to honor our guests by featuring different spices and things that are very dear to them — hence the plantains.
Home cooking
Growing up as one of 11 children in Manila, Comerford remembers everything pretty much revolved around the kitchen and kitchen table. There was always the smell of food, always the sound of food.

As a third grader we were asked to start wrapping our first spring rolls
Cristeta Comerford

As a third grader we were asked to start wrapping our first spring rolls.
The daughter of a school principal father and dressmaker mother (she made my wedding gown), she remembers visiting her grandparents farm where everything from fresh meat to vegetables was sourced from the backyard.
Her kitchen today is still filled with tantalizing aromas — though now its more likely to be her Irish chef husband John doing the cooking.
After a long day feeding some of the most high-profile people on the globe, Comerford doesnt like to spend longer than an hour on her own dinner.
Though she does enjoy a specially concocted Irish/Filipino stew — Its full of potatoes and beef and fish sauce. Its sounds kind of weird but its really good.
Whether shes also served it to the U.S. president is another matter.

Hungry? Chef Comerfords summer vegetable crostata was made with vegetables from the White House garden.CNN

Serves 6.
For the dough:
1 cup lukewarm water
½ tsp active dry yeast
1 tsp kosher salt
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp olive oil
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup bread flour plus extra for rolling
For the filling:
1 large red tomato, sliced ¼ inch
1 zucchini, sliced ¼ inch
1 yellow squash, sliced ¼ inch
6 mushrooms, sliced ¼ inch
4 oz feta cheese, crumbled
1 Tbsp olive oil, plus extra for brushing
1 tsp chopped thyme
1 tsp chopped garlic
Salt and pepper to taste
In a large mixing bowl, place the water, dry yeast, kosher salt, sugar and olive oil. Mix together and let sit for a few minutes until the mixture turns foamy. Add half a cup of the flour at a time using your hand to incorporate into the mixture. Once all the flour is added on and mixed, turn Onto a floured board. Knead for about five minutes until the dough is smooth and elastic. Set in an oiled bowl and cover with a plastic film. Set aside to rise until it doubles in size.
In the meantime, using a large mixing bowl, toss all the cut up vegetables with olive oil, thyme, garlic, salt and pepper.
When the dough is ready, place On a floured board and roll into a ½ inch dish. Brush with the olive oil, season with salt and pepper. Working an inch and half around the edge, place the seasoned vegetables, alternating the colors. Crimp the edge towards the center and brush with the remaining olive oil. Sprinkle the top with feta cheese. Cook at a preheated oven (425F) for about 20 minutes. Slice into portions and serve immediately.
Serving suggestion:
Top with young arugula salad, tossed with balsamic vinegar.

Isha Sesay contributed to this report